The Walk of Faith 

Moving forward in the mission of Christian Education

Remembering the Promises of God

Honoring the Commitment of Faithful Laborers

Giving Our Children the Solid Foundation They Need in Order to Walk by Faith in Jesus.

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On the campus of the Kern Adventist School we have dedicated an area to reminding our students of the importance of faith, commitment, and service.

We have created a path of stepping stones with Scripture texts, memorials of those who have served in the past, and the presentation of the names of people and organizations who are supporting this mission.

The children of Israel set up stones to remind their children of God’s leading as they entered Canaan.  You are invited to join us as we add to our pathway important messages engraved in stone as reminders to our children of God’s faithfulness and His promises, and the commitment of His people to His work. The funds donated will assist in the maintenance and operation of the school and its mission. 

Would you like to join us financially on this walk of faith ?

It's a simple process for you to donate your stepping stone for "The Walk of Faith." The prices are based on the cost of one month's tuition, which is currently $280.

Choose your brick size and design your message

The heart of the walk of faith is the messages on the stepping stones. To design and submit your order, or to submit ideas that others might be able to use, please click here to use our design submission form. For ideas of brick designs and messages, feel free to take the online walk of faith, or to browse through the sample sets.

Donation Options


Direct Payments to the School. You can donate to the school and sponsor your stepping stone by using our online order form, or mail in an order form. These options provide the greatest flexibility in ordering and making payments. To fill out this form and email the information to us, please click here. To print out and mail a form to us, please click here to access the printable order form.

Payments may be mailed to: 

Engraved Bricks Website: Stepping Stones may also be designed and purchased at

PayPal Payments:   To use Paypal to make 10 monthly payments using your credit card, please click here

Paypal One Time Donations: Our school continues to operate because of the generosity of those who believe in the mission of Christian Education, and support this mission by their prayers and financial support. If you would like to make a donation of any size to the school through PayPal please click on "donate" below:

Thank you for your interest and support!